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Practitioner psychologists enter registration renewal period

06/03/2013 - 14:06

Information for practitioner psychologists

All registered practitioner psychologists have now been sent details of how to renew their registration. 19,293 registered practitioner psychologists and have been sent activation and authentication codes to enable them to renew their registration using the online system.

To renew their registration, practitioner psychologists must complete a declaration and make a payment by 17 May 2013 and in any event no later than 31 May 2013. Practitioner psychologists who do not renew their registration by 17 May 2013 will be sent a notice of our intention to remove them from the Register.

Online renewal allows registrants to complete their registration renewal in just a few minutes. Registrants are able to request a hard copy renewal form at any time; however, renewing registration online is a much quicker and efficient way to renew registration. The average processing time for renewal applications is approximately ten working days, although this time may vary depending on the volume of forms we receive.

Marc Seale, Chief Executive and Registrar said:

“We have listened to feedback from registrants and responded with a new online renewal system. I encourage all renewing practitioner psychologists to renew their registration online. Completing your renewal online will only take a few minutes and is less arduous and more efficient than filling out paper forms and posting them to us, which can take up to 10 days. Our registrations team is on hand to answer any questions in regard to online renewal and can assist you at any stage.”

To renew your registration online please click here. 

To request a hard copy renewal form please click here. 

The renewal deadline is 17 May 2013 and in any event no later than 31 May 2013.

Registrants must also send a payment with the renewal form unless a direct debit instruction is in place.

We have also selected 482 (2.5%) practitioner psychologists to submit a CPD profile. Those selected will be sent a separate letter informing them that they have been selected for audit and must complete a profile that demonstrates the activities they have undertaken during the past two years to meet our CPD standards.

The letters were also posted recently and these will be separate from the renewal reminder notices. For more information about this process, including sample profiles and the CPD standards, please visit the CPD section of this website .

To ensure that your name stays on the HCPC Register:

  • Complete your renewal online;
  • send your renewal form and payment to us well before the deadline;
  • call the HCPC Registration Department now if you have yet to receive anything;
  • sign up to our newsletter (which includes renewal reminders) by emailing

For more information about registration renewals process please click here.

To contact our Registration Department:
Phone: 0845 300 4472 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)

We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Please like and follow us to keep up to date with news and events, including information about renewals and CPD.


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