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Research on the standards of conduct, performance and ethics

19/02/2013 - 10:30

We are currently undertaking a piece of research to explore the accessibility and understanding of our standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

This research forms part of an ongoing review of the standards of conduct, performance and ethics, which are high-level ethical requirements we set for the 16 professions we regulate. These standards are periodically reviewed to ensure they remain fit for purpose and are up to date. The standards were last reviewed between 2006 – 2008.

We have engaged The Focus Group, and their partner, Podengo to undertake this research for us. A key part of that research is contacting some of our registrants to ask for their views on the content and accessibility of the current standards. The review will take the form of group discussions, face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews and aims to involve a representative range of registrants across the UK. 

Please be assured that all research will be confidential and comments will not be attributed to individuals in the information that is shared with us.  

If you are contacted, we do hope you will agree to participate in this research - it is only by undertaking regular reviews that we can ensure that the standards of conduct, performance and ethics remain current and relevant for all our professions.

If you wish to check the validity of any contact you have received before agreeing to take part then please contact our Policy and Standards Department by emailing, or calling 0207 840 9815.

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