Katak dancing 

Getting the exercise we need can be a challenge and people from some cultures can find it particularly hard. Find out how one enterprising group is keeping fit through Southeast Asian Katak dancing.

Physical activity guidelines for children and young people

Transcript of Katak dancing

The will to participate in sport and physical activity by ethnic communities

is there.

The challenge is making sure what's provided is sensitive to their needs.

Different backgrounds have different beliefs as well.

It could be a religious belief, possibly,

that's restricting somebody not being able to participate.

Maybe for a female if it's a male-dominated sport

or the particular facility that they attend is male-dominated.

Maybe they might not feel comfortable.

Research has shown

that African and Caribbean people have higher levels of blood pressure

and certain South Asian communities have higher incidence of Type 2 diabetes.

Increased physical activity will lead to reduced incidence of diabetes.

It reduces cholesterol levels and blood pressure

and also there's a reduction in the probability of cancer as well.

It's recognising that there are a wide variety of ways

of incorporating physical activity in your everyday life.

Dance projects are very, very big. They're very good.

It's very good to get young people specifically involved into dance

because they enjoy music.

I'm here in this class for about one year

and the part I like is everything you can say,

the movements, the style of dancing and the whole environment.

I teach katak, which is a traditional dance style.

Especially in this country, it's hard to get in contact with your own culture,

so it's nice that we have something like this,

that you can always find your own roots here, in dancing here.

It's as good as being in India if I just do Indian dancing, so I love that.

So my dance class, though it's a traditional dance style,

it brings in other elements which you can call exercise,

although I don't encourage people to say,

"Just come to the class because you want to just exercise."

Come to the class because you love dancing.

But along with that, you are exercising.

If I don't do another sport it's fine because I've had two lessons of dancing

and you really feel a leg workout

because of the footwork, constant footwork,

so it does really help.

If you break out in a sweat, it's a good thing.

It is the best exercise for me. I don't have to go to the gym.

I don't have to worry about my fitness.

You get a good workout.

A lot of the things is footwork and movement

and then you repeat loads of things so it's a good workout generally.

The health benefits... because I used to work in IT

and I used to get a lot of shoulder pains, joint pains,

so this really loosens my body and it keeps me fit.

It increases my energy, stamina,

and that gives me a lot more energy in the day.

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