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NHS Classification Service Approved Clinical Coding Auditors

An approved clinical coding auditor has successfully completed the NHS Classifications Service Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP). In doing so the approved auditor has acquired the core skills required to apply the NHS Clinical Coding Audit Methodology. The methodology is issued only to approved auditors.

Following completion of the training programme it is up to the auditor and their employing organisation to ensure that their newly acquired audit skills are put to use. This requires commitment from both the coder's employer as well as professional commitment by the auditor to:

    • gain experience in this field
    • keep up-to-date with clinical coding standards and guidance
    • undertake continued professional development and,
    • ensure approved auditor status is maintained.

There are a number of independent consultants and commercial companies offering auditing services whose contact details can be found using Internet search engines. It remains the responsibility of the commissioning organisation to obtain the necessary references, evidence of experience and the auditor's expertise.

These services are not quality assured by us and we do not endorse any individual or company. However, The NHS Classifications Service maintains the list of approved auditors as those that have successfully attended our qualifying training programme and maintained their status by completing the annual requirement.

If you wish to confirm if any commercial or independent auditor is registered as Approved then please contact our datastandards@nhs.net.  

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