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What's new

News and information from the NHS Classifications Service

March 2013

National Clinical Coding Standards ICD-10 4th Edition reference book Addendum 2013

The National Clinical Coding Standards ICD-10 4th Edition reference book Addendum 2013 has been published. The addendum contains updates to guidance and standards contained within the National Clinical Coding Standards ICD-10 4th Edition reference book which was released for use from April 2012. The addendum incorporates some major updates to national clinical coding standards.

All guidance within the Addendum must be implemented from 1 April 2013.

November 2012

November 2012 Coding Clinic V2.3

The latest release of the Coding Clinic is now available.

Four step coding process for ICD-10 4th Edition now available for download

The Four step coding process for ICD-10 4th Edition has been released and is available for download from the improved Technology Released Update Distribution Service.

Online consultation for ICD-10 Chapter XV

The consultation document containing proposals for coding miscarriage and abortion/termination of pregnancy using ICD-10 as well as a number of other areas that require updating within Chapter XV  pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium of ICD-10 is available for comment on our Classifications consultation page.

October 2012

Autumn DQR 2012 released

The latest issue of DQR (PDF, 666.1kB)has been published. This issue is designed to be read on screen (whether online or downloaded to your computer) with interactive links to websites. Click on the arrows and the contents lists to go immediately to the articles of interest.

Online consultation launched

The NHS Classifications Service has launched an area of their website to post draft documents for consultation to seek the views of the NHS.

August 2012

August 2012 Coding Clinic V2.2

The latest release of the Coding Clinic is now available.

July 2012

The NHS Classifications Service invites everyone to complete a survey to feedback their experiences on the implementation of the ICD-10 4th Edition on 1 April 2012. The survey can be found online at ICD-10 4th Edition survey and closes 3 August 2012 . All views are welcome, whether IT professionals, clinical coders, managers or clinicians. The survey can be completed anonymously.

July 2012

Clinical Coding Foundation Course Review

The NHS Classifications Service will be reviewing the 18-day classroom Clinical Coding Foundation Course materials. Should you wish to participate in the review please register your interest by 20 July 2012 by emailing us at datastandards@nhs.net.

June 2012

Data Quality Review publication - the latest issue of DQR magazine has been issued.

The Summer 2012 Data Quality Review is now available.

March 2012

Key Learning Points for ICD-10 4th Edition are now available for download

We have made the Key Learning Points available for download as a 21 page PDF.

We are hoping the WHO errata will be available next week.  

WHO to publish an errata

The NHS Classifications Service has discovered a number of discrepancies in the ICD-10 volumes published by the World Health Organisation. The WHO have committed to providing an errata. The WHO will publish the errata on their website when ready during March 2012.

February 2012

Data Quality Review publication

The latest issue of DQR has been released and is available for download. It includes updates on the ICD-10 4th Edition implementation as well as training news.

DH Chemo Regimens and DH high cost drugs

The DH Chemo Regimens and DH high cost drugs have been released. Both lists can be downloaded from the improved Technology Released Update Distribution Service. The NHS Classifications Service has also published guidance relating to the DH lists.

ICD-10 4th Edition Training

The ICD-10 4th Edition Self Teach course is available for download from our website. All the training materials to assist in the implementation of ICD-10 4th Edition will be available from the improved Technology Reference Updated Data website by 17 February. The National Clinical Coding Standards ICD-10 4th Edition has been published and sent to the NHS clinical coding managers for distribution to their teams directly.

Clinical Coding Academies schedules 2012

The Academies have updated their schedules for this year.


There will be a new eLearning package on the basics of clinical coding which will form part of the clinical coding foundation course. The A&P module is also being updated in time for the new financial year in April.

January 2012

Opinions sought on OPCS-4.6 eVersion

We want to hear your views on the OPCS-4.6 eVersion, irrespective of whether you use it a lot or have never used it at all. Your input into the short online survey (which takes less than 10 minutes to complete) will help us to understand how the eVersion is performing in Trusts. More importantly it will tell us what we can do to improve the next release based on your user feedback. Please complete the survey by 29 February 2012 via this link: Online Survey OPCS-4.6 eVersion.

January 2012 Coding Clinic

The Coding Clinic has been revised and reissued.

December 2011

ICD-10 4th Edition Manual distribution

Based on this feedback we have created an online form for all clinical coding managers to complete confirming which of their staff is eligible for a replacement manual, and to also provide the necessary specific delivery instructions. Please complete the form by 6 January 2012.

ICD-10 4th Edition 'Super User' training days

We are inviting all NHS trusts without access to a NHS Classifications Service approved clinical coding trainer to nominate one of their experienced accredited clinical coders to be trained as an ICD-10 4th Edition 'Super User'. The one-day training course will be free of charge.

As a limited number of places are available at each 'Super User' training day in January 2012, places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.  For more information, and to book on the course by 6 January, please visit our ICD-10 Updates webpage.

Coding Clinics

The Coding Clinic has been reformatted so it contains only current guidance. In future new issues of the Coding Clinic will replace the old version.

Please visit the Coding Clinic pages for further information.

November 2011

Following negotiations on behalf of the NHS with the government stationers (TSO), the NHS Classifications Service can confirm the discount available to NHS organisations ordering the ICD-10 4th Edition volume sets.

September 2011

Extension to the Clinical Coding Academy Phase 2 Expression of Interest Deadline – 30th September

The CCA Steering Group members have agreed to extend the deadline for expressions of interest for the phase 2 project to the 30th September 2011.

For more information or to request an Expression of Interest Form please contact gill.foley@nhs.net

August 2011

The ICD-10 4th Edition release files and specifications are available from the Technology Reference data Update Distribution (TRUD) service for download today 10 August 2011 - subject to registration and acceptance of the Licence Agreement.

Further information is available on ICD-10 products and services can be found on our web pages including ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions  and the latest Summary of Changes ICD-10 Reprinted (with updates and corrections) 2000 to ICD-10 4th Edition has been published.

The Information Standards Notice (ISN) describes the mandate for the NHS and NHS suppliers to implement ICD-10 4th Edition.

May 2011

DH Chemotherapy Regimens and High Cost Drugs List

The NHS Information Centre have made a number of changes to the lists since first published in March 2011 which has required re-release of files. Those that accessed the files via TRUD will have automatically have been notified of the updates. However, we are unable to specifically notify anyone that has downloaded the files and documentation from our website. For this reason the sole distribution mechanism will be via TRUD which is the platform for the distribution of licensed reference data files. The files and documentation have been removed from the website.

Please register on TRUD to download latest release.

Enhanced TRUD beta web site is now available

You might also like to try our new TRUD beta web site - it includes a number of enhancements and you can download subpacks directly from your web browser.

Please note that as this is a beta web site there is limited functionality - at the end of a successful beta period a full release will be delivered. The site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or above, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. We welcome your feedback on our new beta website, just select the 'Feedback' option after you have logged into the site you are currently viewing.

March 2011

NEW - OPCS-4 eVersion

  • The OPCS-4 eVersion installation files containing (OPCS4-6 data) are now available for download. You will need to register on TRUD if not already registered. To obtain the relevant subpack you will need to subscribe to the NHS OPCS-4 eVersion (NHS_OPCS4EVERSION) and its associated licenses from the TRUD registration site.

  • Further information on the OPCS-4 eVersion is available on our webpage.

DH Chemotherapy Regimens List

  • The NHS Information Centre has provided an updated version of the DH Chemotherapy Regimens List – OPCS-4.6 due to a number of minor errors. The changes are the removal of a duplication of a regimen which had mappings to different OPCS-4 codes and minor typographical changes to text. The duplicated regimen is not to be used for coding purposes and is shown for information only in the worksheet titled 'amended'. The updated list is versioned as DH Chemotherapy Regimens List-OPCS-4.6 Version 1.1 and is available for download.

High Cost Drugs Clinical Coding Guidance – OPCS-4.6

OPCS-4.6 Clinical Coding Instruction Manual

  • Ensure we have your latest contact / address details by advising data.standards@nhs.net. The OPCS-4.6 Clinical Coding Instruction Manual (v4.0) will be available free of charge for all NHS clinical coding professionals in England registered on the NCS Customer Database. Distribution will begin end of April 2011 due to printing delays. Costs for other users will be finalised before end of April. If you are a clinical coder employed by a NHS Trust in England please speak to your line manager about obtaining your free manual. A link to the online mailing form has been sent to NHS coding managers across England for eligible coders to register for the free manual updates (N3, NHS only).

February 2011

ICD-10 updates

  • In July 2010 the Government published the White Paper – Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS which reports commitment to ICD-10 changes for NHS implementation on 1 April 2012 to support quality improvements.

  • The NHS Classifications Service (NCS) team are undertaking the necessary development work to support the implementation of the ICD-10 4th Edition by NHS and NHS system suppliers through the release of ICD-10 data files and awareness / training materials. Implementation of the updates is subject to approval from the Information Standards Board.
  • The NCS will provide a summary of changes in March 2011 for information and to raise awareness.Several ICD-10 updates focus groups will be held early in financial year 2011-12 mainly for the coding community to review the updates and identify training needs.
  • More information will be provided on our ICD-10 updates webpage.
  • It is anticipated the ICD-10 4th Edition data files will be available for download from the Technology Reference data Update Distribution TRUD service during August 2011 for NHS implementation on 1 April 2012 subject to registration and acceptance of the terms and conditions.

January 2011

OPCS-4.6 updates

  • The OPCS-4.6 data files to support NHS implementation on 1 April 2011 are available to NHS and NHS system suppliers from the Technology Reference data Update Distribution (TRUD) service for download subject to registration and acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • The final Summary of Changes OPCS-4.5 to OPCS-4.6 is available as a pdf download.
  • More information is provided on our OPCS-4 webpage.