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ISCF project support and guidance

ISCF Project Management Guidance and Templates

This section of the website provides guidance and materials that you may find useful when initiating and implementing your ISCF project. Please note that although these tools have been developed to provide assistance they may need to be adapted to suit your local project.

Meaningful Use

In schedule 4 of your ISCF award agreement, you were required to detail how you planned on measuring the meaningful use of your project.

To ensure you receive your milestone payment for meaningful use, you must verify that you have achieved the criteria you outlined in schedule 4, by submitting the signed self certification form, which is located in schedule 5 of the ISCF award agreement.

Lessons Learned Log

A lessons learned log is a document that should be used to collate the lessons that are learned throughout the lifecycle of a project.

It important to capture lessons learned so that they can be applied to future stages of a project as well as to new projects.

To assist in capturing the lessons from your ISCF project, we have developed a lessons learned log template, download the lessons learned log template (DOC, 107.0kB).   Please note, the lessons learned log is a living document and should be updated, reviewed and where appropriate, implemented throughout the lifecycle of the project.

At the end of your ISCF project, we would appreciate if you could please submit a copy of your lessons learned log to the ITK team as we would like to share this information with other NHS organisations who may be implementing similar projects. Please note: We will anonymise any information that is submitted.

Case Study Template

In order to receive your ISCF milestone payment, you will need to complete and submit a case study. Please refer to schedule 2 of your award agreement to confirm the date your case study must be submitted

The case study is an important element of the ISCF scheme as we intend to form a library of project information, benefits models and case studies as a resource for future implementers.

To assist in the development of your case study, we have created a template which contains a series of headings that you can populate with information from your local project.

Download the Case Study template (DOC, 26.0kB).

Please note, that the headings provided outline the minimum information we would expect you to provide to receive your milestone payment and you are encouraged to provide any supporting material that you think may assist readers of your case study.

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Highlight Reports

Throughout the duration of your ISCF project, we have asked that you complete and submit highlight reports on a fortnightly basis. The reason for this is to ensure that that we are aware of any changes to key delivery dates in your project that may impact the support being offered by the ITK team eg: changes to accreditation dates.

To assist you in completing your highlight report, we have created a template and pre-populated it with the milestone dates you provided in your ISCF award agreement. If you find that you are no longer able to complete the milestones on the dates you have provided, this will need to be reflected in your highlight report. If you do not submit a highlight report, or do not make any changes to the dates, it will be assumed that all agreed milestones are on track to deliver.

Download the highlight report template (DOC, 58.5kB).

If you do have any queries/issues about completing this report, please contact: toolkit.enquiries@nhs.net

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Project benefits are the positive outcomes that should be delivered once a project has completed. They also provide justification for financial investment in a project. As part of your ISCF application process, you were asked to provide a list of benefits that you thought would be realised once you had implemented your project. (Please refer to section C1 and C2 of your application form to see the benefits you listed.)

As the realisation of project benefits is a measure of whether or not a project has been successful, it is important that you have a process in place for capturing and measuring project benefits. To assist you in doing this, we have developed the following set of tools that you can use:

ISCF Benefits collection template – You can use this document to detail the benefits that are realised once you have implemented your project. There are a number of different ways that you can measure benefits and guidance has been provided to assist you in measuring the benefits for your project.

Download the Benefits collection template (XLS, 28.5kB).

Benefits Realisation Plan – If you would like further guidance on how to identify, realise and manage the benefits from your project, we have created a template for a benefits realisation plan. Please note: you are not required to complete this document, but it may help you when completing your benefits collection template.

Download the Benefits realisation template (DOC, 159.5kB).

It is important to recognise that some of the project benefits will take longer to realise than others and you should continue to monitor and document the progress of all your project benefits even after the end of March 2013.

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ITK Accreditation

The ITK accreditation process is a relatively straightforward process that has been designed to ensure that system suppliers conform to a number of technical specifications and standards that have been defined by the ITK accreditation team.

In section 2 of your ISCF award agreement, you would have indicated if ITK accreditation is one of your payment milestones and if so, provided a date for when that milestone will be achieved.

If ITK accreditation is one of your payment milestones, you should be encouraging your system suppliers to book a 4 week accreditation slot ASAP. The accreditation team have based resource levels around the milestone dates that you would have provided in section 2 of your award agreement. Any slip on these dates may impact a supplier's ability to become accredited within the ISCF timeframe.

Once a supplier has been ITK accredited for a particular product, they do not have to go through this process again for that product version, which means that once accredited; suppliers can deploy these products at numerous Trusts.

The accreditation team will provide help and guidance to system suppliers, including implementation and testing support, if you would like any further information on the ITK accreditation process, please contact:  cfh.itkaccreditation@nhs.net

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