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Enterprise-wide arrangements

From 2004, NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) put in place a number of enterprise-wide agreements (EWAs) with major IT suppliers to the NHS in England. The objective of these EWAs was to significantly reduce the cost of supply of a variety of widely-used software, hardware and services.

Whilst some of these arrangements continue, others have now been superseded by new, best value Government-wide arrangements.

Two main types of EWAs

Centrally purchased

In this case, NHS CFH purchases a set of products and services centrally for the NHS's benefit. The centrally-purchased products were then available, free of local charge, to NHS organisations.

Centrally negotiated

In this instance, major sub-contractors to NPfIT prime contractors agreed with NHS CFH that they would offer improved discount levels for the NHS as a whole.

NHS organisations still purchase products locally, but benefit from a significantly higher level of discount than would have been achievable by each organisation negotiating individually with the supplier.

NHS EWAs in place

Supplier EWA Type
CISCO Centrally negotiated
EMC Centrally negotiated
HDS/Hitachi Centrally negotiated
Hewlett Packard (HP) Centrally negotiated
Oracle Centrally purchased (specified products only)
Sun Centrally negotiated (specific products only)

NHS organisations can read more detailed EWA briefings (NHS staff only, N3 connection required).

Government-wide agreements

In addition to the NHS EWAs, the Government Procurement Service Office (an executive agency of the Cabinet Office) has put in place a number of other Government-wide agreements, which are available to NHS organisations.

Contact for further information

Please contact ewat@nhs.net.