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The SUS Programme

For further information on SUS including User Group meetings, Guidance material and Service Announcements please go to http://www.ic.nhs.uk/sus.

About the SUS Programme

The Secondary Uses Service (SUS) Programme supports the NHS and its partners by providing a single source of comprehensive data for the following areas:

  1. planning
  2. commissioning
  3. management
  4. research
  5. audit
  6. public health
  7. Payment by Results, a reimbursement mechanism for acute care payments.

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Who delivers what for SUS?

  1. NHS Connecting for Health has responsibility for the procurement and management of the contractual and technical delivery of SUS to support end user needs.
  2. The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has overall responsibility for delivering the SUS to users, Commissioners and Providers of NHS funded care.

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What does Secondary Uses Services cover?

The Secondary Uses Service (SUS) is primarily a data warehouse that provides access to anonymous patient-based data for purposes other than direct clinical care such as:

  • healthcare planning
  • commissioning services
  • public health
  • national policy development

For further information on What is SUS and support for SUS User please visit the NHS IC SUS website.

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SUS Programme Board

The Secondary Uses Service (SUS) is jointly delivered by the Health and Social Care Information Centre and NHS Connecting for Health - overseen by a programme board with the following members:


Jonathan Storey, Portfolio Manager, North East Strategic Health Authority

Senior Responsible Owner (SRO)

Tim Straughan, Chief Executive, The Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Board Members

  1. Jeremy Thorp, NHS NIRS Group Programme Delivery Director, NHS Connecting for Health
  2. Andy Burn , Director for NIRS engagement and SUS , NHS Connecting for Health
  3. Martin Campbell (Senior Sponsor), PbR Development, Department of Health
  4. Keith Hobley (Senior Sponsor), RTT Development, Department of Health
  5. Stuart Richardson (Senior User), Health and Social Care Information Centre
  6. Andy Banks (Senior User / SUS User Group), Head of Information Development, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust
  7. Gavin Mander/Mike Mockford (Supplier Representatives), BT

Further information is available about how the SUS Programme board functions please read the terms of reference (PDF, 94Kb).

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SUS Project Team

The SUS project team is made up of representatives from NHS Connecting for Health and the Health and Social Care Information Centre. The SUS project team supports the SUS Programme board through seven interrelated workstreams:

  1. benefits realisation
  2. data quality
  3. implementation planning
  4. service management development
  5. training
  6. user assurance
  7. user engagement and communications

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SUS User Group

The SUS User Group (SUG) provides advice and support to the SUS Programme Board on:

  1. Technical and local operational issues associated with the submission of data to SUS and access to data maintained within SUS for analysis, reporting and extraction.
  2. Issues, which impact on the quality of data submitted to SUS and actions that need to be taken both locally and centrally to address these issues.
  3. The quality of services and support provided to local users of SUS by the commercial suppliers of systems and services, the Health and Social Care Information Centre and NHS Connecting for Health.
  4. Priorities for the development of additional or enhanced functionality within the core SUS warehouse and associated data marts.

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