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Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine

The Map of Medicine is a tool for achieving clinical consensus throughout a healthcare community it helps to:

  • Deliver current, evidence-based clinical knowledge from the world's most authoritative sources.
  • Display this information in an easy-to-use pathways format, reflecting the patient journey.
  • Provide a framework for creating local pathways, using modified or new content specific to a healthcare community.

The Map creates a framework for sharing knowledge across care settings and a tool for supporting a multi-disciplinary dialogue about the care process. It provides a single point of reference for a patient-centric care pathway that spans both primary and secondary care.

The maps provide a visualisation of the ideal, evidence-based patient journey for nearly 400 conditions, with the ability for local communities to customise the pathways to reflect local care provision and clinical practice.

Use of the Map of Medicine

NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) successfully supported a number of Early Adopters during the initial implementation of Map of Medicine.  The Map is now being widely used across the NHS in England. NHS CFH has handed over ownership of the Map of Medicine to the NHS and it is now managed by through local NHS service agreements.

Further information

If you work within the NHS and require further information about the Map of Medicine please contact either your local Map of Medicine lead or your service management lead.

View the Map of medicine website at: http://www.mapofmedicine.com/accessthemap/accessthemap
The Map of Medicine is also available via NHS Choices, with no username or password  required for access.