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IT Systems Change Project


The Health and Social Care Reform Act 2012, which sets out the future direction of the health and social care system, makes a number of major changes to the organisational structure of the NHS.

Many NHS IT systems need to change to accommodate the new organisations created and to reflect the decommissioning of others.

The IT Systems Change Project is coordinating essential changes to national NHS IT systems that are the responsibility of NHS CFH and providing support to system owners across the NHS, Department of Health (DH) and Arms Length Bodies (ALBs) to make changes to their systems.

The project consists of four major elements:

  1. Amendments to Information Standard 0090: The publication of an amendment to the Information Standards Notice (ISN 0090) which defines NHS organisation codes to reflect the new structure
  2. Changes to national IT systems: Coordination of changes to NHS CFH managed national IT systems to implement the amendments to the organisation codes
  3. Supporting national agencies: providing briefing and support to DH and ALBs to help them handle the impact on their systems of the changes to organisational codes and consequent changes to national systems
  4. Supporting local NHS organisations: providing briefing and support to local NHS organisations to help them handle the impact on their systems of changes to the NHS organisation codes and consequent changes to national systems.

Working together

Engagement with and support for the NHS and related agencies is a critical component of the project. The project team is working closely with colleagues at local and national levels including:

  • Strategic Health Authority (SHA) Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO) Forum
  • ALB Chief Information Officer's Forum
  • NHS Commissioning Board
  • NHS Technology Office

All formal communications on activity and progress will be issued through the SHA DCIOs and ALB CIOs. In addition, all relevant information will be posted on these pages.

Further information and guidance

For more information about the changes affecting your organisation, contact your local SHA DCIO or ALB CIO. All the materials in the following resource are available for you to download.