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Managing change and managing benefits

These pages are for managers and other professionals responsible for promoting or leading change in health and social care that is enabled by informatics. The pages provide information about how to improve your organisation's change and benefits management abilities.

The White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS outlines important changes to the ways in which the NHS will commission services, work with patients and deliver health and social care in the future.

Informatics plays a key role in these changes. To get the best from informatics, those leading the reforms need to embrace it as a fundamental part of any planned change or transformation programme.

Leadership and culture change

Much of the change that happens in the NHS today needs to embrace the wider organisational and cultural aspects which in turn depend upon strong leadership skills.

To drive motivation within the workforce and across the organisation, leaders need to instil ownership amongst staff, helping to understand why change is needed, clarifying the benefits that it will deliver at all levels.

What is important here is having a shared purpose and working towards a common goal, and having those capabilities to achieve those goals.

Find out more about leadership.

Building in the benefits

Change should be supported by a robust business case that describes both the reason for the change and the benefits that it will bring.

Effective change also comes from effective benefits management and planning, and within these pages you will find guidance to help you along this journey in the form of a benefits cycle.

NHS users can find programme specific information on our nww site, including business case guidance around NHS products.To find out more go the Benefits Information Zone (N3 connection required, NHS staff only).

Change capability

Improving organisations so that they can deliver better service is not easy: there can be barriers to overcome, challenges to conquer, and lessons to be learned.

This is why people with effective change management skills are needed to drive change through and make it happen.

To help you with organisational development in this area, we have developed materials around change and project management.