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Sharing and managing knowledge

"Knowledge is a fluid mix of framed experience, values, contextual information, and expert insight that provides a basis for evaluating and incorporating new experiences and information. It originates and is applied in the mind of individuals. In organisations, it often becomes embedded not only in documents or repositories but also in organisational routines, processes, and practices."
Davenport, T. H., Prusak, L. Working Knowledge. Boston:  Harvard Business School Press, 1998.

Gaps in knowledge hinder delivery, services, decisions, progress and innovation. Through transferring best practices, capturing lessons learned, reusing designs, enabling collaboration and access to expertise, sharing and managing knowledge has become a key competency in modern organisations.

The aim in managing knowledge is to enable connectivity to achieve business benefits. These include:

  • connecting people together to create, share and exploit knowledge more effectively
  • connecting people to the information they need to develop and apply their knowledge in new ways
  • connecting people to the tools they need to process knowledge

To support the NHS vision for an information revolution, it is crucial that everyone has access to knowledge, other people's experience and good practice.

Across the country, NHS organisations are working to deliver informatics enabled change and are amassing a wealth of knowledge and experience of implementing information solutions in support of local healthcare services.

Our vision is for everyone across the NHS to easily find, use, create, manage and share the collective pool of NHS knowledge to the benefit of current and future projects and everyone involved.

What is available?


Knowledge Management Tools

The Knowledge Management team within ICD have developed a Knowledge Management Framework which describes how the organisation as well as teams and individuals can learn before, during and after everything we do.

Social Care Informatics and Innovation Exchange

The Social Care Informatics and Innovation Exchange is an on-line forum for the national sharing of what works in local caring.

UK Faculty of Health Informatics

The UK Faculty of Health Informatics is a Community of Practice, established in 2005 made up of over 600 members from Informatics and Clinical roles within the NHS, from Academia, Social Care, Suppliers and Patient groups.

Knowledge Management in transition

An approach to help support NHS organisations - current, continuing and successors – to preserve, transfer and acquire corporate memory during organisational reform programmes.