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Dr N Morley-Smith

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"Hello I'm Dr Nick Morley- Smith; I'm a GP partner at the White House Surgery here in Folkestone. We have a practice of approximately 10200 patients and have five whole time equivalent doctors. We have been using the Electronic Prescribing Service for the past year. We do approximately 170 scripts per day of which 150 are done through electronic prescribing. The benefits of this scheme are that the patient will receive their scripts more timeously. Where we previously were requesting the patients to put in their requests 48 hours in advance we were only just keeping up with that target. Now we are easily able to process their request in that time. From our perspective it is much easier to sign a series of authorised scripts. This is beneficial to the patients because it gives us time in order to review the queries.  Our scripts are separated into two definite types; the first type are the ones what have been authorised and seen by our prescription staff, these are the ones that we sign regularly and do not require review. The second group of scripts are those which have queries for one reason or another, these are either because the request is for scheduled drugs or for those patients whose repeats have run out these scripts require review by the GP. The electronic prescribing system has allowed us more time to review these repeat scripts, Therefore we will now start to achieve a greater percentage of patients who have had their medication review.

The particular benefit for the patients is for the elder patient who have required or requested an emergency script. An example of this is where one has visited a patient in the morning who then requires a script but is not able to go to the chemist. In such cases a script can be done electronically on return to the surgery and sent directly to the pharmacy. It can then e sent that afternoon.

In conclusion, the electronic prescribing is a complex system which requires communication between the staff of the surgery, the doctors and the receiving pharmacy. You can expect glitches from time to time because of the complexity of the software necessary. We have found that we have had very good support from our PCT and any difficulties that we have had with the system have been dealt with quickly. It is a safe, efficient and effective system."

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