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Jan Norgate

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"My name's Jan Norgate I'm practice manager for the White House surgery in Folkestone. We were the pilot site for EPS and we started in December 2011. We have 10,200 patients and I would say we now send approximately 90% of our prescriptions electronically. From day one the receptionists and the prescription clerk thought it was an excellent system and have been delighted with it. They realised straight away what a time saving system it is. There's no more printing prescriptions, tying them up with the request, putting them in a pile for the doctor to sign, and then once signed more piles for the pharmacists. One click and the prescription is ready to go to the GP for signing, and then one more click onto the pharmacy. The GPs are also pleased; they're no longer faced with huge piles of prescriptions to sign at the end of a very busy surgery along with a box of queries. Most of them do the repeat prescribing, sign the repeat prescriptions between patients and then leave the queries to the end. The queries are much easier as well now. One click and they have access to the patient record, once more click as I say and it's gone to the pharmacist. The receptionist can use the electronic post it notes to let the GP know the nature of the query. We've not had any feedback whatsoever from patients which leads me to believe that they haven't noticed any difference and the whole thing is running very smoothly.

"I'd say the best tip is to be well prepared before the go live date. We were very lucky as a pilot site we had tonnes of help from the local PCT. The most important thing is to get everyone involved and enthusiastic and that will rub off on the patients then. We spent time before the go live talking to our staff, talking to the pharmacist and we had lots of information in the surgery for the patients. But just as important, get as many nominations as you can before go live, so that then when you start you can then use the system to its full."

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