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The NHS Supply Chain procurement process

October 3 2012

Of the 80 or so trusts who will exit the national PACS contract on June 30 2013, approximately half plan to procure a PACS and RIS replacement via the NHS Supply Chain (NHS SC) framework.

Whilst the vast majority have been actively engaging with NHS Supply Chain, time is marching forward and we need to increase the numbers of trusts who have actively started procurement.
The overall procurement process is described in more detail elsewhere on the NHS staff only website. In summary, the major milestones are:
- Submit approved requirements to NHS SC
- Select shortlist of suppliers
- Select preferred supplier
- Sign contracts.
Submitting your approved requirements to NHS SC

This is the action that really starts the ball rolling with your NHS SC procurement. We have set a nominal deadline for trusts to do this by the end of October. After this date, the issue will be escalated to senior executives at trusts that have not submitted their requirements.
NHS SC can provide you with a generic set of requirements to use as a starting point; you should use these to define your own specific requirements, approve them via the appropriate local governance mechanisms and send them into NHS SC. These will then form the basis of your procurement.
NHS SC will then return a list of suppliers who meet the requirements you submitted. A future blog will talk in more detail about this phase of the process.
Take that step and start your procurement now

In order for you to meet the requirement timescales, now is the time to move from initial engagement to active procurement. And I can't stress enough, how useful it would be for you to discuss your requirements with your neighbours. Sharing knowledge will help everyone consider their future strategy for image sharing. And as usual, our website contains a wealth of information on all aspects of procurement.
Finally, don't forget to follow @NHSPACS on Twitter for links to specific guidance, interesting papers by PACS suppliers and answers to all your questions about the PACS exit process.