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EPS compliance documents


The EPS Domain Baseline lists the set of compliance documentation for the EPS. Only documentation relating to software system requirements is contained within this baseline. This version details the requirements for systems to support interoperation with the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) within the NCRS Spine.


Document baseline map


This baseline index, and the compliance documentation referenced within, should be read by software suppliers seeking system compliance with the Authority's requirements for the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

Document Baseline Maintenance

This baseline index represents a baseline of compliance documentation. Whenever an update to the baseline is required, the changes will be updated within this index.

Document Types

Each document within the baseline index is categorised by a 'type' to assist software suppliers with the management of the baseline documents.

BI = Background Information

Documentation that provides useful information to help understand the business domain, business processes, (e.g. use cases), spine system functional specifications, etc

G = Guidance documents

Documents that do not contain any requirements but which provide guidance on building or implementing systems, future requirements, documents issued to end-users on how to do things (which may in turn place indirect requirements upon systems if they are unable to support the user in that aspect of their work).

RS = Requirements Specification

These documents contain the system requirements.  ALL of these documents must be read and systems designed to meet the requirements therein.  It is suggested that ALL of these are passed to development departments.

TS = Technical Supplement

These documents supplement the Requirements Specifications.  They typically contain reference data (e.g. the different types of message patterns, data value ranges.

RD = Reference Data

These documents relate to reference data that may change from time to time independently of any other document type, e.g. DM+D codes, SNOMED CT codes are all subject to their own released schedule and (should) have no impact on system requirements.

The documents in the tables below are ordered by publication date.

Common to all EPS Systems

Document Title

FileCM Reference

Publication Date

Document Type

EPS Domain Baseline (documented version of this information) (PDF, 107.5kB) NPFIT-FNT-TO-DSD-0147.15 26 July 2012 RS
NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices Compliance Requirement (PDF, 255.7kB) NPFIT-ETP-ECAP-0004.02 31 Oct 2011 RS
EPS R2 Clarification of Requirements (PDF, 403.1kB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0328 26 July 2011 RS
RBAC Implementation Guidance for the EPS R2 (PDF, 181.5kB) NPFIT-ETP-EIM-0110.14 15 July 2010 G
Guidance for suppliers on the validation script (PDF, 319.3kB)
NPFIT- ETP-EIM-0132.02
07 Apr 2010 G
National RBAC Database v25.1 (XLS, 2.8MB) NPFIT-FNT-TO-IG-0007.33 26 Jun 2009 RS 
Guidance for Endorsement NPFIT-ETP-EIM-0015  17 March 2009 G
Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 Clinical Assurance (PDF, 262.0kB) NPFIT-ETP-ECAP-0002.01 18 Jun 2008 G
dm+d Implementation Guide (Primary Care)
02 Feb 2008 G
Nomination Requirements for System Suppliers (PDF, 435.0kB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0280 29 Nov 2007 RS
EPS R2 Training and Guidance Strategy (PDF, 418.4kB) NPFIT-ETP-BUS-0017.02 02 Oct 2007 G
Digital Signature Toolkit Guidance (ZIP, 4.6MB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0104.03 13 Sept 2007 G
Communications Briefing for System Suppliers (Removed as information out of date)
ETP Web Services Client source code (ZIP, 1.8MB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0301.01
07 Aug 2007
MiM 3.1.07 & 4.2.00 Compatibility Guidance (PDF, 143.4kB)
31 July 2007 G
EPS Infrastructure Specification (PDF, 79.8kB)


18 May 2007 TS
Message Implementation Manual (MIM 4.2.00) NPFIT-FNT-TO-DPM-0602.03 31 Oct 2006 RS
Native use of dm+d Definition (PDF, 125.9kB) NPFIT-FNT-TO-DSD-0083.01 25 Oct 2006 G
FP10 Stationery Changes for ETP (PDF, 92.6kB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0062.04 22 Dec 2004 TS
ETP Core Business Process Descriptions (ZIP, 1.3MB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0043.04 18 Nov 2004 BI
Message Implementation Manual (MIM 3.1.07) NPFIT-FNT-TO-DPM-0284.01 29 Oct 2004 RS

Prescribing Systems

Document title FileCM Reference Publication Date Document Type
Prescribing Systems Compliance Specification (PDF, 1.1MB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0025.19 22 March 2012 RS
EPS Prescription Token Specification (PDF, 369.3kB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0027.18 29 July 2008 RS
ETP Message Signing Requirements (PDF, 58.4kB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0064.10 31 July 2007 RS
Digital Signature and Non Repudiation (PDF, 264.9kB) NPFIT-FNT-TO-IG-0019.08 July 2007 G
CC API for ETP suppliers (ZIP, 23.2MB) NPFIT-FNT-TO-TIN-0453.01 11 Nov 2005 RS

Dispensing Systems

Document Title FileCM Reference Publication Date Document Type
EPS Dispensing Token Specification (PDF, 275.7kB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0080.12 26 July 2012 RS
Dispensing Systems Compliance Specification (PDF, 1.1MB) NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0024.23 06 August 2008 RS