NHS Connecting for Health ceased to exist on 31st March 2013. This website is therefore not being updated. For up to date information about systems and services visit the Health and Social Care Information Centre website at www.hscic.gov.uk/systems

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NHS Pathways

NHS Pathways is a suite of clinical content assessment for triaging telephone calls from the public, based on the symptoms they report when they call.

It has an integrated directory of services, which identifies appropriate services for the patient’s care if an ambulance is not required.

Deployment map

This map represents the overall coverage of NHS Pathways in England NHS.

Directory of Services

Providing call handlers with real-time information about services available to support a particular patient.

Benefits of NHS Pathways

Including benefits to ambulance trusts, commissioners, service providers and patients.

Myth buster

Busting the common misconceptions about NHS Pathways. This includes a series of helpful videos.

News and developments

Catch up on the latest news and developments about NHS Pathways.

Communications and engagement resources

A range of guidance, materials and resources to support communications and engagement.