Christine Harrison talks about neurological ME

In this short audio clip, Christine Harrison of BRAME talks about the draft shared goals for the long term conditions strategy and the problems facing people living with neurological ME.


One Response to Christine Harrison talks about neurological ME

  1. Margaret Connor says:

    As a long term sufferer of M.E. diagnosed in1996 after several years of being told that my symptoms were due to stress, I welcome any move to provide care for long term conditions. I receive no help whatsoever in managing my condition. All I have ever been offered is anti-depressant medication, which due to its dreadful side effects, only make my symptoms worse. All I am asking for is recognition for this debilitating illness, by a health service which appears to have written us off. However, just as my hopes were shattered in 2004, when an announcement was made that clinics were to be set up for the treatment of M.E., which turned out to be offering psychological treatments for a physical illness, and treatments based on excercise, which makes the symptoms worse, I fear that this new strategy is nothing but spin by a government wanting to be seen to care.