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COINS: publishing data from the database

21 March 2013

Following the publication of the Whole of Government Accounts (WGA) for 2010-11, the COINS raw data on which they were based was released on 28 November 2012. This is in addition to the raw data released on 21 September 2012, for the other COINS data streams, for the years 2007-08 to 2011-12. As with previous COINS data releases, certain data have been redacted.

No changes have been made to the data structures since the 2011 WGA data release.

The data are available from (opens in new window). All COINS raw data files previously released remain available.

OSCAR: publishing data from the database

We have now published the third set of in-year data recorded on the new OSCAR reporting System which covers the first nine months of 2012-13 (April-December). This dataset, in addition to the previous COINS releases, provide the means to make public spending data more directly accessible and can be used with standard spreadsheet software.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have manually submitted their data for this release, as they have restructured their data to reflect changes in their internal financial management. The data has been quality assured, to ensure it is consistent with expected outturns. All other departments’ data is sourced directly from OSCAR.

Online System for Central Accounting and Reporting (OSCAR) - is a cross government project to replace the COINS public spending database with a robust, user-friendly system that will provide the Treasury with key management information and data for public reporting. The intention is that OSCAR will improve the quality of data the system holds by simplifying data structures, developing validation and strengthening control processes and accountabilities.

All previous in-year data sets can be found at (opens in new window)

Downloading the data

The COINS data are provided in two files for each financial year; the ‘fact table’ and the ‘adjustment table’. The contents of these two files are explained in ‘What is COINS data?’.

Files released in September 2012 use the following file name conventions:

Where 20xx-yy indicates the specific year, in the range 2007-08 to 2011-12 inclusive.

The data are provided in a txt file format. The structure of the data is similar to a csv (comma separated variable) file with a string of characters being formed to represent each row, with each field separated by an ‘|’ in the data released in 2011 and subsequently, and ‘@’ in the data released in 2010. The approximate file sizes and row counts remain as estimated in previous releases. There have been no database changes made since the 2011 raw data releases, so information already provided remains valid for this release.

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