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Sugary soft drinks linked to raised risk of diabetes

Thursday Apr 25 2013

Sugary soft drinks can cause a range of health problems

'One soft drink a day increases Type 2 diabetes risk by a fifth,' The Independent warns, reporting on a European study that has examined the relationship between type 2 diabetes and sugary drinks. The study…

Hard times in Cuba linked to better national health

Wednesday Apr 10 2013

Cuban 'hard-time' diet could cut death rates

"The Cuban diet – eat less, exercise more – and preventable deaths are halved," is the advice in The Independent. This is not a new Latin diet and dance fad, but news based on research into how Cuba’s rollercoaster economic history...

Time spent sitting raises risk of chronic disease

Thursday Feb 21 2013

Deskbound lifestyle ups risks of chronic diseases

"Stand up if you want to stay healthy, warn researchers," the Daily Mail reports, as a large study has found an association between time spent sitting down and chronic disease. The study surveyed middle-aged Australian men at one point in time…

Diabetes increases heart attack risk by 48%

Monday Dec 10 2012

Diabetes increases heart attack risk by 48%

'People with diabetes 48% more likely to suffer heart attack' The Guardian reports and the Daily Mail adds 'people with diabetes also 65% more likely to have heart failure'. The stories are prompted by an audit into diabetes-related complications…

Syrup found in biscuits 'triggering global diabetes epidemic'

Wednesday Nov 28 2012

Syrup found in biscuits 'triggering global diabetes epidemic'

"Syrup found in biscuits, ice cream and energy drinks fuelling diabetes on a 'global scale'," reports the Daily Mail, highlighting that countries that use large amounts of fructose corn syrup...

Failings in diabetes care 'cost thousands of lives'

Tuesday Nov 6 2012

Failings in diabetes care 'costing thousands of lives'

'Diabetes care depressingly poor, say MPs' is the headline on the BBC News website. This is the damning verdict of a select committee report into standards of diabetes care in the NHS…

Having desk job 'doubles risk' of heart attack

Monday Oct 15 2012

Having a desk job 'doubles risk' of heart attack

'Sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death' BBC News warns. The news is based on research assessing what impact sedentary behaviour had on health outcomes, with the results suggesting 'sofa – no so good'…

Could less sleep increase teen diabetes risk?

Monday Oct 1 2012

All night gaming sessions could increase teens’ diabetes risk

“Teenagers who stay up all night playing video games could be putting themselves at increased risk of diabetes,” the Daily Mail has reported. This story is based on a study that assessed sleep length and insulin...

Diabetes genes 'breakthrough'

Monday Aug 13 2012

'Hope for new treatments' after diabetes genes 'breakthrough'

“Scientists have discovered a clutch of genes that dramatically increase the risk of developing diabetes,” reports the Daily Express. The newspaper says the breakthrough “could help develop simple and cheap drugs to tackle...

Do heart benefits of statins outweigh diabetes risk?

Friday Aug 10 2012

Do health benefits of statins outweigh diabetes risk?

‘Heart benefits of statins outweigh diabetes risk’ reports the Telegraph. This is the finding of a large trial from the US. Good news for statin users or are statin advocates trying to ‘sugar the pill?’…

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