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Freedom of Information

NHS Choices publishes a wide range of information about its policies, structure, governance, performance and more in the About section of this website.

Before submitting a request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, please check to see if what you want is already published. If you make an FOI request for information that is already published, then you will simply be referred to the published source.

Visit the Department of Heath website for full details of how the department handles Freedom of Information requests.

NHS Choices data and content resources

While information and data that is already published cannot be subject to an FOI request, you can use our Contact form to request specific one-off extracts of published data in a re-usable format, or request details of resources used in the development of content.

For longer-term strategic usage of NHS Choices published data, to be re-used in a specific context, we suggest that you consider using our Syndication service, through which a great deal of content and data is already distributed.

Making an FOI request

Freedom of Information requests must be in writing, by post, fax or email.

The address for postal enquiries is:

Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries
Department of Health
Richmond House
79 Whitehall
London SW1A 2NS

Requests can be faxed to: 020 7210 5952

For email requests please use the Department of Health contact form and write 'Freedom of Information' in the 'Subject' line.


Last reviewed: 12/02/2013

Next review due: 12/02/2015