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Sugary soft drinks linked to raised risk of diabetes

Thursday Apr 25 2013

Sugary soft drinks can cause a range of health problems

'One soft drink a day increases Type 2 diabetes risk by a fifth,' The Independent warns, reporting on a European study that has examined the relationship between type 2 diabetes and sugary drinks. The study…

Celebrity chefs can’t be blamed for obesity rates

Wednesday Apr 24 2013

Celeb cookbooks can’t be blamed for obesity rates

"TV chefs 'adding to obesity crisis by encouraging us to eat fatty dishes'," reports the Metro, with similar stories blaming celebrity chefs for our bulging waistlines in much of the media…

Beetroot's effect on blood pressure is uncertain

Tuesday Apr 16 2013

Beetroot's effects on blood pressure remain uncertain

"Beetroot 'can lower blood pressure'," BBC News confidently reports. But the truth about whether beetroot can really lower your blood pressure is a little more unclear than the headlines suggest. The news comes from…

Hard times in Cuba linked to better national health

Wednesday Apr 10 2013

Cuban 'hard-time' diet could cut death rates

"The Cuban diet – eat less, exercise more – and preventable deaths are halved," is the advice in The Independent. This is not a new Latin diet and dance fad, but news based on research into how Cuba’s rollercoaster economic history...

Red meat chemical link to heart disease

Monday Apr 8 2013

Red meat chemical link to heart disease

'A nutrient abundant in red meat… could raise the risk of heart disease,' the Mail Online website warns. Researchers have found that the chemical L-carnitine, found in red meat, is broken down by bacteria into a waste product that damages blood vessels…

Can potassium in bananas cut your stroke risk?

Friday Apr 5 2013

Can bananas cut stroke risk?

'More bananas and fewer crisps can help ward off strokes', the Daily Mail reports, saying that a study has found that people with high potassium intake have a 24% reduced risk of stroke...

Do organic labels make us think food is healthy?

Wednesday Apr 3 2013

Doubts over organic food health and taste claims

'Putting an organic label on ordinary foods can trick shoppers into believing that they are healthier, taste better and have fewer calories', says the Daily Mail. This news was based on...

Does eating fish really extend your life?

Tuesday Apr 2 2013

Does eating oily fish really extend your life?

"Eating fish in old age 'can extend life'," The Daily Telegraph proclaims, among several mainstream papers covering the story. But before you head out to buy some...

Can caffeine really cut crash risk?

Wednesday Mar 20 2013

Caffeine cuts lorry drivers’ crash risks

“Lorry drivers who drink coffee cut their crash risk”, reports BBC News. This headline came from a large study of long-distance lorry drivers in Australia. It found drivers who had recently been involved in a crash were less likely…

Can drinking green tea or coffee cut stroke risk?

Friday Mar 15 2013

Green tea and coffee cuts stroke risk

'The key to preventing a stroke? One coffee and four cups of green tea a day, say scientists,' is the advice on the Mail Online website as Japanese research found that both beverages had a modest preventable effect…

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