Last updated on 14 April 2004

Research reports

The research and survey work funded by the Food Standards Agency is focused on helping the Agency understand food issues and meet its policy aims and objectives. The Agency does not provide research grants, but contracts research groups to address specific questions aimed at producing the background evidence on which it can base its policies.


Full peer reviewed reports of Agency-funded research projects can be found on Foodbase, an open access repository. Where available, the repository also provides references or links to peer review articles arising from work funded by the Agency. The Food Standards Agency is committed to openness and encourages authors and publishers to license papers so they can be freely copied and re-used, provided that they are fully attributed when they are reused.

The underpinning data for science- and evidence-gathering projects should be made freely available in an accessible format that allows the widest availability for generating added value and enabling re-use. Where possible, underpinning data will be made available on Foodbase. Alternatives may need to be considered where datasets are too large or in formats not suitable for Foodbase, in these cases information will be provided on how the data can be accessed.

Information about research and survey programmes

Details of the Agency’s portfolio of research can be found at the links below.

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