Sebastian James, Group Operations Director for Dixons, led an independent review of the Department for Education’s approach to Capital. The review methodology included extensive consultation and a call for evidence. His report 'Review of Education Capital' was published on 8 April and a copy of the full report is available on this website.

The Review proposes a new approach to the allocation and use of capital funding. The Department held a consultation on the implementation of the Review’s recommendations, which closed on October 11.

This consultation aims to seek views on revisions to the regulations governing school premises, and on a reduction in the amount of guidance produced by the Department. The consultation closes on 26 January 2012.

Please note that annex D of this consultation document, 'The protection of school playing fields and land for academies 2012', contains draft guidance that has since been superseded by changes to legislation which came into force in February 2012. Those changes relate to the consents required where schools wish to build classrooms on playing field land. From February 2012 schools and local authorities – including local authorities holding land for academies - have had to seek permission from the Secretary of State for Education if they want to change the use of playing fields by putting school buildings or recreational facilities on them.


  • Introduction
  • Background
  • We propose to retain and refine the following regulations
  • We propose to simplify the following regulations
  • We propose removing the following regulations
  • Supplementary information
  • Protection of playing fields
  • Wider Guidance
  • Next Steps
  • Annexes