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National Workforce Data Set (NWD) and NHS occupation codes

We maintain the National Workforce Data set (NWD) and the NHS occupation codes, which together specify the data standards for NHS workforce information, including implementation within the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

National Workforce Dataset (NWD) v 2.5 - Changes (Amd 23/2012)

The changes to the National Workforce Dataset (NWD) published in December 2012 updates the dataset following recent policy changes and the requirement for enhanced workforce information. In summary the changes are:

1. Changes to Reason for Leaving, Area of Work, Job Role, Registration Body and Registration Type

The main body of the changes on this occasion relate to house keeping measures to ensure that previous issues are corrected and that the key elements of the implementation of the standard - the NWD itself; the NHS Data Dictionary and the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) as the main consumer of the standard - are all aligned.

See the NWD guidance documents.

2. Changes to Occupation Code Manual - ISB 0141 Amd 24/2012 - the current published version 10.0 is to be updated to version 11.0.

Details of changes to occupation codes are listed below:

  • Occupation Code (M Matrix) changes to capture new and renamed main specialties as approved by the Post Graduate Medical Education Training Board (PMETB);
  • Occupation Changes (M Matrix) to ensure that the standard matches the GDC approved dental main specialties;
  • Changes to the NHS Occupation Codes in light of a comparison between the values implemented in the ESR and the Occupation Code Manual itself to correct differences where they have occurred which will be undertaken in a number of tranches;
  • The closure of two spurious Nurse Education Occupation Codes N7J and N9J;
  • Updates to the guidance notes and other housekeeping work that does not materially change the approved standard for the NHS Occupation Codes.
  • See a copy of the NHS Occupation Code Manual

Full details including associated guidance, can be found in the documents below:

A copy of the ISN and further information relating to these changes can be found on the Information Standards Board website.

Further information and guidance:

NWD guidance documents

NHS Occupation Code Manual


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