This document provides an overview of the legal requirements of the National Curriculum in England for mathematics and provides information to help teachers implement the subject in their schools.

The common structure of programmes of study in all subjects is described, as are elements particular to maths. The document specifically outlines the levels of knowledge, skills and understanding that pupils should reach for each Key stage, as well as what should be included in the curriculum to ensure an appropriate breadth of study. These requirements cover goals for both using and applying numbers and the number system.

The general teaching requirements are addressed, including principles for inclusion, responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs, and overcoming barriers to learning. There is also a focus on the use of language and ICT across the curriculum.

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  • The structure of the National Curriculum
  • Learning across the National Curriculum
  • The importance of Maths
  • Programme of studies for all Key Stages
  • Inclusion
  • Use of language and ICT