The new window for applications to the zero-funded gateway will be open on the contracts finder website between 1 and 26 April 2013. This is for providers wishing to deliver education and training for the Education Funding Agency. You can find guidance and documentation on our website.

If you are considering applying, please remember that your proposed learning programmes must meet the requirements of the new study programmes for 16-19 year olds. Sub-contracting is not permitted during the zero-funded period of delivery.

We will score the extent to which your application meets the programme of study requirements as part of our evaluation process.

You can find further information about study programmes on our website.

If you enter the market via this route we will incorporate you into our funding cycle once the zero-funded period has concluded. This is subject to acceptable performance. Please also note other key points for providers delivering through this route:

  1. We will not make any payments for provision until at least one validated ILR return has been submitted.
  2. The maximum period that any provider should be zero-funded is 12 months.

We will aim to ensure that all providers entering the market through this route fit into our standard funding and business cycle as soon as is practicable.

We expect any successful applicants to start delivery at the start of the next academic year.