This document follows on from the Government Green Paper entitled ‘Every Child Matters’ and the subsequent Children Act passed in November 2004. This act raises the degree of accountability, especially at Local Authority level.

For children and young people there are five outcomes that are key to well-being in childhood and later life – being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being. These five constitute the focus of government attention for all pupils.

Every Child Matters: Change for Children sets out a national framework for 150 local programmes of change to be led by Local Authorities and their partners to enable this change.

The main focus areas are early intervention, a shared sense of responsibility, information sharing and integrated front line services.

Emphasis is placed upon the idea that, for each child to fulfil their potential, there must be a greater deal of co-operation, not only between Government agencies, but also between schools, GPs, Sports organisations and the Voluntary and Community sector.

The document gives case studies as examples of how this can be achieved.

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  • Foreword
  • A shared national programme of change
  • Working towards better outcomes
  • Integrated services and local change
  • Support for local change
  • Enclosures
  • Summary of the Children Act 2004
  • Timeline of when strategy requirements come into effect
  • Summary of statutory requirements and Government expectations for local action
  • The outcomes framework
  • Progress to date on improving outcomes for children and young people
  • Forward look of publication dates for key documents and guidance consultations
  • Key documents published to date