National events – May 2012

PHE sender organisation senior leaders event – 3 May 2012

A second event for senior leaders of sender organisations for PHE, held on 3 May 2012, heard views from Health Protection Agency (HPA) Regional Director Roberta Marshall and Regional Directors of Public Health, Rashmi Shukla and John Newton on ambitions for the new system.

Covering health and wellbeing Dr Shukla suggested:

  • the local government relationship is vital and PHE’s offer needs to take account of local authorities as shaper of place with an understanding of the changing relationship between citizens, society and government, and the financial and economic climate
  • PHE’s supports the development of programmes that integrate public health approaches across the life course
  • PHE should provide easily available evidence briefings on what we know and what works for lifestyle behavioural change and new briefings on broader role of local authorities eg regulation and licensing
  • It should structure to assist ‘ladder of interventions’ approaches for example to alcohol harm reduction
  • PHE should start predictive analysis of the impact of the fiscal climate on health outcomes

For health protection, Dr Marshall proposed the following aspirations for PHE:

  • a focus on outcomes by having ambitious but achievable goals for reducing key infections and the impact of environmental hazards
  • to be recognised for excellent quality responses to outbreaks and incidents, building on what the HPA has achieved, and be a safe pair of hands from day one – this means making a response 24/7 so we have clear in hours and out of hours arrangements for this
  • take advantage of the huge opportunities to improve immunisation as a preventative measure, thinking about a system with children at the end of this
  • to balance our national and local responsibilities and be a key part of an integrated locally responsive system
  • we will be ambitious for our units to deliver across the three pillars of public health and help them be innovative

On knowledge and the use of evidence, Dr Newton proposed as ambitions that:

  •  PHE fosters more expertise in delivering public health, linking to the expertise of others
  • works in partnerships eg with NICE, NHS Information Centre, the Office for National Statistics
  • should be acting at national level – on data policy etc
  • internally, PHE integrates intelligence and information functions across policy areas and with delivery
  • its vision should be about usefulness to others, with more data that is right and evidence that is much more available to people in a form most likely to be used by them.

Seminar on vision and ambitions for the new public health system

On 9 July 2012 the Local Government Association (LGA), NHS Confederation and DH are holding a national seminar for senior stakeholders across local government, the NHS, government departments, academic institutions and community organisations to develop a shared vision for the new public health system. The aim is also to gain a shared understanding and commitment to actions across the system to achieve the shared ambitions. This is an invitation only event for approximately 70 senior stakeholders in collaboration with the Public Health Engagement Group. Confirmed attendees include Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive Designate, Public Health England; Mike Farrar, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation; Chris Bull, Chair of the Public Health Engagement Group and Chief Executive, Herefordshire Council; and Carolyn Downs, Chief Executive, LGA.


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