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Public Health England update

Local Authorities’ Public Health Allocations welcomed Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive Designate of Public Health England (PHE), has welcomed the £5.45 billion two-year ring-fenced public health budget for local authorities.  From April 2013, public health budgets will be ring-fenced and protected … Read more → – Public Health England update

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Plans for announcing ring-fenced funding for local authorities

Duncan Selbie highlights the new code of conduct for PHE staff plus further director appointments, and explains a short delay in the announcement of ring-fenced public health funding for local authorities. Find out more

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A note from the Chief Medical Officer

Update and announcements on the new public health system Today the Government made further announcements on its ambitions for a new public health system. A system with the flexibility to design services relevant to individual communities and focused on improving … Read more → – A note from the Chief Medical Officer

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