Global burdens of disease study shows mixed picture for UK health

An analysis of the UK data from the Global Burdens of Disease Study 2010 has been published in The Lancet. Co-authors include Professor Kevin Fenton, Public Health England’s (PHE) Director of Health and Wellbeing and Professor John Newton, PHE’s Chief Knowledge Officer. The paper shows that while life expectancy in the UK has improved over the last 20 years, levels of ill health have not. The UK is now below average on many important indicators compared with 18 countries with a similar or higher level of health expenditure, being 14 other EU countries and Australia, Canada, Norway and the United States.

Call to action to tackle avoidable early deaths

Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt has launched a call to action on reducing avoidable early deaths. Improvements in the fight against the 5 major causes of death, including new plans to tackle cardiovascular disease, could save 30,000 lives by 2020, he said. He has outlined his ambition to cut avoidable deaths from the 5 major causes – cancer, heart, stroke, respiratory and liver disease – and to make life expectancy in England among the best in Europe.

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Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes Strategy

DH has published a Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes Strategy which provides advice to local authority and NHS commissioners and providers about actions to improve cardiovascular disease outcomes. It sets out outcomes for people with or at risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in line with the NHS and public health outcomes frameworks and identifies 10 main actions to improve outcomes.

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CMO warning on infectious diseases

Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies’ second annual report on infectious diseases published last week calls for politicians to treat the threat of antimicrobial resistance as seriously as that from MRSA.  Health Protection Agency staff contributed to the report which provides a comprehensive overview of the threat of antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases. It can be found here

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