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Concordat Steering Group (CSG) update

Advertising vacancies

To assist local authorities in preparing to fill any vacancies within the public health functions transferring from PCTs to local government, interim arrangements – to 15 March 2013 – are in place, as follows:

Local authorities may be able to access NHS Jobs through arrangements with their local PCT.

Where local authorities are unable to access NHS Jobs, they can advertise on the People Transition website.

Work is in progress to provide local authorities with direct access to NHS Jobs from 1 April and further information on this will be provided as soon as possible.

Pensions provision

A letter from Public Health England Transition Team was sent to directors of public health and primary care trust HR Directors on 28th February 2013. It sets out the agreement on pension provision for transferring staff, for ‘new starters’ from 1 April 2013 and for the groups of staff for whom ongoing access to the NHS pension scheme has been agreed. We have also published a document including Frequently Asked Questions covering how their current pension arrangements will be affected by the transfer to local authorities and information for both employees and employers on other issues such as NHS pension direction orders, automatic enrolment and NHS injury benefits. The document and FAQs can be found here.

A set of Frequently Asked Questions have been developed for local authorities on administering the NHS Pension Scheme.

Transfer Schemes

The final version of the core transfer scheme documentation has been published on HR transition zone on a password protected website here. Your HR team should have a password.

In addition, the LGA has sent the following to local authorities via regional employers:

  • covering letter from Carolyn Downs, Chief Executive of the LGA to LA Chief Executives
  • management FAQ document developed jointly with Department of Health setting out the process and options for councils
  • local Memorandum of Understanding document available as an option for councils
  • letter from the Department of Health to the LGA explaining the reasons for final ministerial decisions on the issue

Concordat Steering Group workshop

An update session for local authority HR leads, public health leads and their trade union and NHS partners was held on 5th March 2013, in London. Keynote speakers discussed ‘getting the culture right’ and ‘professional support to local authorities from PHE’ and interactive workshops were held on:

  • Agenda for Change and medical contracts
  • Pensions
  • Sustaining and building talent

For more information, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions:  People transition policy module 2

The PTP module 2 set out the terms and conditions for staff on transfer into PHE as well as the new terms and conditions for staff joining after 1 April 2013. Additional FAQs on the publication are now available.

See Public Health England People Transition Policy FAQs for Module 2

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