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ARCHIVE: People with mobility problems

A gate in the countrysideThe Government wants to make it easier for people with mobility problems to have access to the countryside by encouraging measures to improve the accessibility of public rights of way.

Defra has already published guidance to authorities on the needs of people with mobility problems in connection with rights of way improvement plans (ROWIPs). Further non-statutory guidance, is now available in

The purpose of this guidance is to give local authorities advice on meeting their obligations under the Equality Act – formerly the Disability Discrimination Act – as regards structures, such as stiles and gates, on public rights of way.

The aim is not to require replacement of all existing structures, although programmes to make gradual improvements are to be encouraged, but rather to ensure that any new structures that are introduced impose the least possible hindrance to access. The guidance seeks to do this by advocating the specification by local authorities of, not the structure itself, but the way the structure performs its function. This allows flexibility for providing structures that suit local needs and places.

Page last modified: 25 October 2010
Page published: 23 October 2008