Controlled Drugs Working Group: 31 January 2012 meeting

The January 2012 meeting of the Controlled Drugs Working Group included discussions on:

  • roles and functions of the Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer (CDAO)
  • draft terms of reference paper
  • background on current regulations
  • primary legislation relating to Health Act 2006
  • analysis of current regulations
  • 2006 Impact Assessment
  • future options for continuation of CDAO roles and information sharing and co-ordination functions

Agenda for meeting held on 31 January 2012 (PDF, 14K)

Minutes of meeting held on 31 January 2012 (PDF, 41K)

Background paper – Controlled Drugs Accountable Officers (CD AOs), Primary Care Trust CD AOs and Controlled Drugs Local Intelligence Networks (PDF, 29K)

Background paper – The Health Act 2006 (PDF, 37K)




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