NHS emergency and urgent care – 7 Mar 2013

Daily winter reporting for 2012/13 ended on 28 February 2013.

A&E diverts

There were 20 A&E diverts in place during the 4 days to the 28 February 2013.
An A&E divert is an agreed temporary diversion of some patients from one hospital to other A&E Departments to provide temporary respite. A divert is only undertaken as part of the local health systems’ planned and managed escalation when a hospital is under pressure.

A&E closures

There were no A&E closures during the 4 day period to 28 February 2013.

A&E attendances and emergency admissions

In the week ending 3 March 2013 , there were422,17 A&E attendances and 102,538 emergency admissions. For A&E attendances this was 5.7% higher than the previous week and for emergency admissions, this was 1.9 % higher than the previous week.

Beds closed due to norovirus

The average number of beds in hospitals closed to admissions in this period due to infection control procedures being triggered by patients having diarrhoea and vomiting, or norovirus-like symptoms increased from the average closures in the  previous week.  Advice about norovirus can be found on NHS Choices.

Number of beds unavailable due to delayed transfers of care from hospital

The number of people awaiting discharge for non-medical reasons in the period decreased slightly from the average closures per day in the  previous week.

Winterwatch NHS emergency and urgent care data



W/E 24/2/13

W/E 3/03/13

A&E attendances Total number of attendances during the week 399,891 422,174
Emergency admissions Total number of admissions during the week 100,649 102,538
W/E 24/2/13 4 days  to 28 Feb 13
Delays of over 30 minutes between ambulance arrival at A&E and handover to A&E staff Total number of delays during the week 5,978  4,836
A&E diverts Total number of diversions during the week  32  20
A&E closures Total number of closures during the week 0  0
Number of beds closed due to diarrhoea and vomiting or norovirus-like symptoms Average number of beds closed per day 1,521  1,610
Number of beds unavailable due to delayed transfers of care from hospital Average number of beds unavailable per day 2,676  2,611


Detailed definitions and information on A&E attendances.

Detailed tables of daily data are available here

This page contains management data which has been collected on a rapid turn-round basis from the NHS. The speed of the collection only permits minimal validation to be undertaken but the data is considered ‘fit-for-purpose.


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