Department of Health’s response to the Atrial Fibrillation Association’s campaign about the future commissioning of left atrial appendage occlusion devices for people with atrial fibrillation

The NHS Commissioning Board held a public consultation on a range of commissioning policies covering the prescribed specialised services within the board’s commissioning responsibilities.

The board plays a key role in the government’s vision to modernise the health service with the aim of securing the best possible health outcomes by prioritising patients in every decision it makes. From April, it will be for ministers to decide what services the NHS Commissioning Board will directly commission. The board will then determine how to commission these services.

The consultation on atrial fibrillation closed on 25 January and the board is considering the views received. Publication of the conclusions for 2013/14 services, including for specialist cardiac services, is expected in March.

The department would encourage people to raise any concerns they have in the meantime with the NHS Commissioning Board direct. Contact details are available on the Commissioning Board’s website.

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