Our transparency commitment

The Prime Minister has made a number of commitments to greater data transparency in Government. This includes the commitment to the publication on data.gov.uk of the following documents:

  • DH Business Plan (from November 2010)
  • Quarterly Data Summaries (from July 2011)
  • Salaries above £150,000 (from June 2011)
  • Management Information on DH Workforce (from April to August 2011)
  • Departmental spending data (from June 2010)
  • All new government ICT contracts (July 2010)
  • All new central government tender documents for contracts over £10,000  (September 2010)
  • Arms Length Bodies (ALBs),  Executive Agency, Executive Non-Departmental Bodies and Special Health Authorities senior staff pay and details (October 2010)
  • Departmental organogram (from June 2011)
  • ALBs organograms (from June 2011)
  • Senior civil servants’ pay and details (from June 2011)
  • Department and Executive Agency Non-Consolidated Performance Related Pay  (2010-11)
  • New items of central Departmental spending over £25,000 (November 2010)
  • GPC (Government Procuremnt Card) transactions over £500
  • Exceptions to the Coalition Government’s efficiency controls announced in May 2010  (from December 2010)
  • All new central Departmental contracts to be published in full  (from January 2011)

More details and links are set out below including to publications like the business expenses of its senior staff and ministers to support the transparency agenda

DH Business Plan

The DH Business Plan is a core part of the Department’s commitment to the Governments transparency agenda. It sets out the vision and priorities for the Department and the Structural Reform Plan. section includes key commitments involved in delivering our reform programme up to 2015. The Transparency section of the Plan (which is supported by annexes) sets out the key indicators that we believe are most useful to the public in understanding the costs and outcomes of health and social care services, and also provides a wealth of additional data that the public will find useful.

Business Plan Quarterly Data Summary (QDS)

This is the Department’s Business Plan Quarterly Data Summary (QDS). It is a core part of the Government’s transparency agenda. It aims to provide the latest data on indicators included in Departmental Business Plan as well as other published data and management information.

DH salaries above £150,000

Details from the Department were published  for the first time in June 2010 as part of the UK Central Government senior staff with salaries over £150,000 document. This information is refreshed as at 31 March of each year.

Departmental spending data

Details of the Department’s spending recorded on HM Treasury’s Public Expenditure database “COINS” has been published. The data can be found on data.gov.uk and further information about the data is on the Treasury website.

All new Government ICT contracts, Tender documents for contracts over £10,000,  and Central Departmental contracts

The Department is required to publish copies of new tenders and contracts over the value of £10,000. Contract documents will be published on this website and any tender documents will be published on Business Link’s website.

The Department’s ALB’s are also required to publish their tenders and contracts.  Contracts will be published on their own websites and tenders will be published on the Business Link website.

NHS bodies are responsible for their own publication of tender documents and contracts. Tender documentation can be found on the Business Link website and contracts will be published on their own websites.

Senior DH staff pay and details

Names, grades, job titles and annual pay rates for the most senior Departmental staff with salaries in Pay Band 2 of Senior Civil Servant (SCS) pay scale and above have been published on the Cabinet Office website. This reflects the position at 31 March of each year for staff on the Department’s payroll.

Non-Consolidated Performance Related Pay (NCPRP)

Details of the Department and its Executive Agency NCPRP for the performance year 2010-11. This includes in-year payments made in 2010-11 and end-year payments made after 1 April 2011.

Management Information on DH Workforce

The monthly information on workforce provides an insight into how many people are employed in the Department and their pay bill for April-August 2011. This is the first time departments are publishing how many people they employ, both within the department itself and NDPBs and how much this costs the taxpayer.

The monthly figures are organisations’ own management information published in the interests of transparency. It should be borne in mind that unlike the ONS National Statistics, there is no detailed quality assurance undertaken of the monthly information by the Cabinet Office. The Department, however, undertakes its own internal quality assurance to ensure that the figures reported are as accurate as possible.

Departmental Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) senior staff pay and details

The names, grades, job titles and annual pay rates for senior staff pay and details have been published on data.gov.uk. This reflects the position at March of each year.

The Department’s organogram and supporting datasets

The Department, its Executive Agency and Executive Non Departmental Public Bodies (Executive NDPBs) have published organograms which set out the roles and responsibilities of their staff, senior staff salary information, with more detailed supporting datasets. Data is available on the Department of Health website.

DH ALBs’ organograms

ALB organograms that reflect the organisation’s position are published on individual ALB web sites and linked to data.gov.uk. This includes datasets (senior and junior) for each post.

New items of central Departmental spending over £25,000

The Department, its ALBs, SHAs, PCTS, NHS trusts and foundation trusts are required to publish expenditure data (invoices, grant payments, expenses and other such payments, but excluding paybill expenditure) over £25,000. The data is published on the Department’s website and listed on data.gov.uk. Data from ALBs and NHS bodies are published on their own websites and listed on data.gov.uk.

Government Procurement Card Transactions above the value of £500

Monthly transactions of over £500 for April 2011 and onwards on the Department’s Government Procurement Card are now available on the Department’s website.

Exceptions to the Coalition Government’s efficiency controls

In May 2010, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury announced the action that the Government would be taking to secure some £6 billion of efficiency savings in 2010-11.

As part of this package of savings, the Government set out a range of priority efficiency measures affecting the Civil Service and the work that departments and ALBs do. These include the following areas, where exception cases, most of which required either Ministerial or Cabinet Office approval:

• Information Communications Technology (ICT)
• New or extended property leases
• External recruitment
• Paid-for communications, advertising and marketing activity
• New consultancy expenditure


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