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There are now more reasons to teach than ever before. Substantial tax-free bursaries of up to £20,000 are available to those with top degrees who start their training in 2013/14.

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Premier Plus

Premier Plus

Discover how you could receive one-to-one advice and exclusive benefits through our new Premier Plus service.

Funding for teacher training

Funding for teacher training

Find out about the wide range of funding available for teacher training in England.

Teacher training options

Teacher training options

Find out about the many routes to attaining qualified teacher status (QTS).

Teacher salaries

Teaching offers very competitive financial rewards; find out about salary scales and development opportunities.

School experience

Find information and support available if you are considering a career in teaching.


Visit one of our regional teaching events or get involved online to find out more about a career in teaching.

Subjects and age groups

Find out about individual subjects and the differences between primary and secondary teaching.

Life as a teacher

Find out about the opportunities, training, support and rewards offered by a career in teaching.

Qualified in-service and returning teachers

Thousands of people return to teaching every year – find out why and plan your own return.

Transition to Teaching programme

This programme can provide support to companies who have employees at risk of redundancy.

Troops to teachers

Find out more about a career in teaching if you are due to leave the Armed Services.

Apply for teacher training

Get help with completing your application for teacher training by using these tools and tips.