VTE Risk Assessment data collection: January to March 2012

The seventh set of quarterly statistics on Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Risk Assessment in England, produced by the Department of Health were released on 8 June according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

VTE Risk Assessment data collection – 2011-12 Quarter  4

The key points from the latest release are:

The key results for data collected on the number and proportion of VTE Risk Assessments carried out on adult admissions to NHS funded acute care are as follows:

  • Of the 3.4m adult patients admitted to NHS funded acute care between January and March 2012, as reported in this data collection, 93% of these received a VTE risk assessment on admission, an increase compared to Q3 2011-12 (91%).
  • In Q4 2011-12, the proportion of admissions receiving a VTE risk assessment was slightly lower for NHS acute providers (93%) than Independent Sector providers (95%), although NHS acute providers carried out around 98% of all VTE risk assessments.
  • At SHA level, performance varied from 88.9% in London to 96.4% in East of England during Quarter 4. Only one SHA did not reach 90% compliance for Q4 (London – 88.9%).
  • In March 2012, 241 providers (out of 274 providers who submitted data) reported that at least 90% of adult admissions were risk assessed for VTE, compared to 221 in December 2011, and 18 in July 2010.

Download VTE data tables collection Q4 2011-12

commentary and analysis – Q4 2011-12 (PDF,58K)

VTE Pre-Release Access list 2011-12 Q4 (PDF, 15K)

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