Monitor's role

Our main duty is to protect and promote the interests of people who use health care services. We do this by promoting the provision of health care services which is effective, efficient and economic, and which maintains or improves the quality of services.

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Safeguarding choice and preventing anti-competitive behaviour

One of the ways in which Monitor will fulfil its duty to protect and promote the interests of patients is through the work of the Cooperation and Competition directorate. 

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Respond to our consultations on choice and competition

From 1 April 2013, we will safeguard choice and prevent anti-competitive behaviour which is against the interests of patients. This means we will police the competition rules affecting health care services to ensure that they operate fairly in the interests of patients, and to help both providers and commissioners meet the needs of patients. We've published a set of consultation documents which outline how we propose to discharge these new duties.

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Assessing and regulating NHS foundation trusts

Monitor has a continuing role in assessing NHS trusts for foundation trust status, and for ensuring that foundation trusts are well-led, both in terms of their quality and finances.

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Monitor takes on new powers

From April 1 Monitor took on new powers as the sector regulator for health, with a duty to protect and promote the interests of patients.


Monitor statement to the Government's initial response to the Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry report

Monitor supports the statement of common purpose published by the Secretary of State today in the Government's initial response to the findings of the Public Inquiry chaired by Robert Francis.


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Consultations on safeguarding choice and preventing anti-competitive behaviour

We have published four consultations seeking your views on how we intend to carry out our new statutory duties. 


Briefing sheet: Mergers involving NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts

The respective roles of Monitor, the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission in relation to mergers involving NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts.


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Value based healthcare - webinar series

Monitor, in partnership with HFMA, are holding a series of webinars on the theme of value based health care.


Monitor/HFMA Costing Conference

A one day conference for costing practitioners, and those working with patient level cost information.


CRS Guidance and Risk Pool Funding workshops for commissioners 

Monitor, in partnership with the NHS CB, are holding four full day regional events in May/June 2013 to take commissioners through Monitor’s guidance on commissioner requested services (CRS), and to inform and engage on Risk Pool funding.

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NHS foundation trust directory

Here you can find information on each of the current 145 NHS foundation trusts.

Risk ratings

We regulate NHS foundation trusts based on the risks they face and how well they manage these.