Indicators on breastfeeding: Quarter 3, 2012-13

The statistical release on breastfeeding Quarter 3, 2012/13 was released today by the department.

Key Facts


The breastfeeding initiation rate was 73.6% in 2012/13 Quarter 3, which is just less than the annual percentage for 2011/12 (74.1%) and 2010/11 (73.7%); and slightly higher than 2009/10 (72.8%) and 2008/09 (71.7%).
The prevalence of breastfeeding at 6-8 weeks in 2012/13 Quarter 3 was 47.2% of infants due a 6-8 week check, slightly less than the figure of 47.4% recorded in 2011/12 Q3.  Comparisons are made with the same quarter in preceding years due to seasonality.

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