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ARCHIVE: Public rights of way (PROW)

Signpost indicating rights of wayRights of way are minor public highways that exist for the benefit of the community at large, in much the same way as the public road network does. They are the most widely recognised opportunity for the public to enjoy the English countryside.

Recent developments

Further information

If you want to find out more about the above or any other rights of way issues, you can contact either Defra or Natural England at the addresses below.

A gate in the countrysideDepartment for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Zone 1/02
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6EB
Tel: 0117 372 6274
Fax: 0117 372 8587

Natural England
Northminster House
Tel: 0845 600 3078
Fax: 01733 455103

Page last modified: 25 October 2010
Page published: 23 October 2008