NHS Future Forum: provisional advice

The independent NHS Future Forum, a group of the country’s top health experts, has published its interim advice on integrated care, patient information and public health in a modern NHS. It comes after listening to thousands of NHS staff, patients and the public as well as voluntary sector organisations.

The interim advice and recommendations are aimed at informing the 2012/13 NHS Operating Framework and the plans around a new public health system.

It stresses that information about health and social care services must be published in a transparent and usable form and patients must have better access to healthcare records. It also calls for a national partnership across the NHS and public health.

The final reports, which will also include recommendations on education and training, will be published towards the end of the year.

In a meeting with the NHS Future Forum, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: ‘The interim advice and recommendations are very useful. This shows the importance of engaging with patients and staff to ensure services are designed around patients. I look forward to the Forum’s final report later in the year.’

The advice follows a request from the Prime Minister earlier this year for the NHS Future Forum to continue its successful dialogue and consider certain key themes with staff, patients and the public.

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