Abortion statistics, England and Wales: 2011

National Statistics Office logoInformation on abortions carried out in England and Wales in 2011 was released on 29 May 2012. The information is obtained from the abortion notification forms returned to the Chief Medical Officers of England and Wales.  If you have any comments on the publication please email abortion.statistics@dh.gsi.gov.uk

Complete report (PDF, 1398K)

Complete set of tables as Excel spreadsheet (XLS, 603K)

Pre-Release list (PDF, 19K)

Download individual tables as csv files

Table 1 (CSV, 5K)

Table 2 (CSV, 5K)

Table 3a (CSV, 5K)

Table 3b (CSV, 4K)

Table 4 (CSV, 4K)

Table 5 (CSV, 3K)

Table 6 (CSV, 2K)

Table 7 (CSV, 2K)

Table 8 (CSV, 2K)

Table 9 (CSV, 3K)

Table 10 (CSV, 63K)

Table 10b (CSV, 17K)

Table 11 (CSV, 25K)

Table 12a (CSV, 2K)

Table 12b (CSV, 5K)

Table 13 (CSV, 5K)

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