Change4Life launches smartphone app to help people check their drinking

A new smartphone app and enhanced online drinks checker are now available to help people see the impact alcohol can have on their health, waist and wallet.

The new tools are part of a nationwide Change4Life campaign to raise awareness of the health impacts of drinking.

Drinking denial

More than 9 million drinkers in England are potentially putting their health at risk by regularly drinking above the recommended guidelines, yet a YouGov survey in 2011 found that most people are unaware of the serious health problems drinking can cause.

The campaign launched in February with a nationwide TV ad highlighting how drink can sneak up on you and that regularly consuming  two large glasses of wine or two strong pints of beer a day triples the risk of developing mouth cancer and doubles the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Cash and calories

As an extra incentive to cut back on alcohol, the new version of the drinks checker allows users to see how many calories they are consuming and how much cash their drinking is costing them. Try it here:

A new smartphone app is also available, making it easy for people to keep track of how much they are drinking over time.

The campaign also offers handy hints and tips on how people can cut down – such as having alcohol free days, not drinking at home before going out, swapping to lower-alcohol or alcohol free drinks or simply using smaller glasses.

Spreading the word

Partnerships with radio stations such as Talksport, Magic, City, Viking, Wave, and Hallam are getting the message out and increasing the reach of the campaign further.

Over 450,000 copies of the booklet ‘Don’t let drink sneak up on you’ will be distributed to selected GP surgeries and pharmacies between November and March.

Embed the drinks tracker on your website!

The drinks tracker is now available for use on your own organisation’s websites. All you have to do is email your request to, putting ‘Drinks Tracker’ and the name of your organisation in the subject line.

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