What is dementia?

A list of useful resources to help people to better understand dementia.

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (2009) Areas of the Brain affected in Alzheimers Disease and Dementia
This short film presented by Drs David Somerfield and Alison Carr gives an overview of the main regions of the brain important in dementia.

Social Care Institute for Excellence SCIE Dementia Gateway
This website contains a set of resources created to support people with dementia, their carers and staff working in dementia services. The Gateway provides practical tips, tools and activities to help you in your work with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is Alzheimer’s disease?
This factsheet explains Alzheimer’s disease.

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (2009) What is Alzheimers Disease and dementia?
This short film presented by Drs David Somerfield and Alison Carr gives a brief outline of what we mean by dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is dementia?
This factsheet explains dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD)?
This factsheet explains Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, sometimes called CJD.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB)?
This factsheet explains dementia with Lewy bodies, sometimes called DLB.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is fronto-temporal dementia (including Pick’s disease)?
This factsheet explains fronto-temporal dementia, including Pick’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is Korsakoff’s syndrome?
This factsheet explains Korsakoff’s syndrome.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is posterior cortical atrophy (PCA)?
This factsheet explains posterior cortical atrophy, sometimes called PCA.

Alzheimer’s Society (2010) What is vascular dementia?
This factsheet explains vascular dementia.

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