NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minutes 31 July 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met on 31st July 2012 and discussed:

  • SHA Transition: Planning
  • HR transition
  • Estates
  • Governance

1 Welcome

a) David Nicholson welcomed Shaun Gallagher to his first NHS TEF meeting. He explained the majority of the meeting would be used to discuss SHA transition post October 2012.

2  SHA Transition: Planning

a) Karen Wheeler outlined a proposal to support stability and resilience for the current system through transition by moving 2013/14 planning functions to receiver bodies from October. The NHS TEF was then split into two groups to consider the individual proposals from the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB), Health Education England (HEE), NHS Trust Development Authority (NHS TDA) and Public Health England (PHE).

b) NHS TEF discussions of transition in relation to NHS CB and NHS TDA led to agreement that:

  • There will be no formal transfer of statutory functions, accountability, budgets or employment of staff ahead of the new timetable for new organisations to become operational.
  • Individual appointed to future regional and local leadership roles should take management responsibility for both 2012/13 operational delivery and planning for 2013/14;  and
  • NHS CB and NHS TDA leaders working in this way will be accountable to their new organisations for future planning and development and be accountable to PCTs/SHA for relevant delivery and performance in the current system.c) It was agreed that this would be the simplest and safest operating model for transition.

d) It was also agreed further detailed work should be undertaken to understand the operational impact of these proposals for NHS CB and NHS TDA.

  • The NHS TEF agreed to the Health Education England (HEE) and Public Health England (PHE) proposals. HEE and shadow LETBs will take on delegated authority for 2013/14 planning functions for workforce planning, education and training from 31 October 2012. PHE will prepare to take on its functions from January 2013.

e) It was agreed a letter explaining the changes to the system should be sent within two weeks
3 HR transition

a) Steve Buggle provided the NHS TEF with an update on the HR transition programme.

b) He agreed to identify and bring back to the next meeting details of final dates by which HR appointment processes need to be completed.

4 Estates

a) Karen Wheeler gave a short overview of the proposed Estates plans for the new system. She proposed that an estates oversight group consisting of SHAs, receiver representatives and NHS Property Services (NHS PS) should be set up. The group will coordinate and govern the estates arrangements at a regional and local level.

b) The NHS TEF agreed that this group would be an effective way to manage a strategic approach to estates.

5 Governance

a) Karen Wheeler explained as the transition is entering the final stage from October 2012 the new bodies will be established and leadership will start to move to the new system.

b) She set out a proposed approach for changing the governance which included merging the NHS FSE into the NHS TEF. This change reflects the fact that there will be more issues being resolved internally by the new bodies. Key transition issues will still be discussed at the NHS TEF.

c) The NHS TEF agreed to merge with the NHS FSE from 1 October.
There was no other business

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