NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minutes 18 December 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met on 18 December 2012 and discussed:

  • People Transition
  • NHS Property Services

No. Issue

1 Welcome

a) David Nicholson welcomed attendees to the NHS TEF.

b) The minutes and actions from the previous meeting were agreed.


2  Programme Overview

a) Karen Wheeler provided NHS TEF with an update on the issues and actions raised at the last meeting. She said that no new issues had emerged and the outstanding actions were being actively managed.

b) The NHS TEF discussed three of the outstanding issues:

  • Louise Troy provided an update on the unresolved Local Informatics functions. She explained approximately 700 staff were affected and further work was underway to solve the issues. Louise Troy agreed to provide an update at the next NHS TEF.
  • Karen Wheeler also gave an update on the transfer schemes. She urged receiver bodies to work closely with the senders to ensure that they have less work to do post April.
  • There was concern that month 9 guidance had not yet been sent out. NHS  TEF were reassured that a letter outlining the process would be shared with the SHA/PCT finance leads imminently and that it would provide answers to the issues that had been raised.


3 People Transition

a) Sir Neil McKay and Caroline Corrigan gave an update on the recruitment process. It was explained the next people tracker returns were not due until 14 January 2013 but that it was estimated approximately 14,900 post remained unfilled. A number of interviews were planned for the early new year so the number would be lower by the next NHS TEF meeting.

b) NHS TEF were also given an update on the progress Payroll/ESR programme. Sir Neil reassured the NHS TEF that governance processes were being put in place to ensure the effective transfer of staff records.

c) He closed by mentioning final negotiations were underway with the Trade Unions with regard to non-TUPE transfers. NHS TEF agreed the approach set out and would revisit the issue, if required, at the January 2013 meeting.


4 NHS Property Services

a) The NHS TEF were asked to feed back any comments they had on the paper directly to Peter Coates.


This meeting finished at 11.15.


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