NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minutes 27 November 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met on 27 November 2012 and discussed:

  • Record Management
  • Key Issues for Transition
  • People Transition
  • Communications
  • Informatics

No. Issue

1 Welcome

a) Ian Dalton welcomed attendees to the NHS TEF. He noted that he would be chairing the meeting on David Nicholson’s behalf. The minutes and actions from the previous meeting were agreed.


2  Programme Overview

a) Karen Wheeler provided NHS TEF with an update on Transition progress. She informed NHS TEF of the including an update on the recommendations from the SHA Transition Review; and local issues.

b) NHS TEF discussions led to agreement that:

  • The Amber rating and recommendations 1-6 of the SHA Transition Review were agreed, subject to receiving the final report.
  • The next steps relating to Local ICT, on page 8 of Transition Overview were agreed.


3 Record Management

a) Olga Senior updated NHS TEF on proposals to outline the approach for the management of physical (hard-copy/paper) legacy records resulting from the abolition of SHAs and PCTs under the Health and social Care Act 2012

b) The NHS TEF agreed the approach set out in the slide pack.


4 Key issues discussion

a) The NHS TEF had two breakout sessions where they discussed an agreed list of issues and identified key actions to take them forward. The Integrated Programme Office would manage these actions and produce a handling plan to take them forward. This would be brought back to TEF on a monthly basis.


5 People Transition

a) Sir Neil McKay and Caroline Corrigan updated NHS TEF on progress with People Transition. NHS TEF noted that good progress had been made and there would be further communication with senders and receivers to clarify the TEF decision that serving notice of redundancy should be done on a differential rather than blanket basis.


6 Communications

a) Colin Douglas update NHS TEF on Communication arrangements for People Transition. The NHS TEF noted that there would be a communication in ‘the month’ with a follow up in January.  


7 Informatics

a) Alan Perkins provided NHS TEF with a short update on Informatics and management information flows across the system. A fuller discussion would be held at December’s NHS TEF.


There was no other business

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