NHS Transitional Executive Forum Summary Minutes March 2012

The NHS Transitional Executive Forum met in March 2012 and discussed:

  • Communications
  • HR Transition
  • Finance
  • NHS Property Services
  • SHA Transition
  • Leadership

A note of the summary minutes is attached.

1    Welcome

Sir David Nicholson welcomed NHS TEF members and announced that the Health and Care Bill had received Royal Assent.

2    Communications

Colin Douglas outlined how communications would become refocused to support the implementation of the new Health and Care Act.

3    HR Transition

Neil McKay provided NHS TEF with an update on the HR transition plan. This included running through where each of the programmes were on the HR timeline and confirming that each programme was likely to complete the HR transition by the December deadline.

4     Finance

Richard Douglas provided the NHS TEF with an update on the current finance position.

It was agreed that further work was required on profiling and finance issues would be discussed in more detail at the April NHS TEF

5    NHS Property Services (NHS PS)

Peter Coates ran through the proposed model for the interim NHS PS.

NHS TEF broadly agreed with the proposal on the basis that a  number of issues around the current estate needed to be solved. It was also agreed that a representative from the NHS Commissioning Board should be invited to join the NHS PS project board.

6    SHA Transition

Karen Wheeler introduced the new SHA transition reporting report. She outlined that the monthly report would also draw out common risks and issues.

David Flory then ran through a number of options for the 2013/2014 planning process. It was agreed by NHS TEF that primacy would be given to the new system but the SHA Chief Executives would provide support to resolve issues. It was also agreed more detailed work would be undertaken to understand the practical implications of this.

7    Leadership

Jim Easton gave an overview of the proposal for the national Leadership Academy. NHS TEF agreed that this was essential to ensure the long term sustainability of the NHS.

8    Any Other Business

There was no other business

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